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Karen White @ Dowerin Aug 24th & 25th




MTC Kids Club leadership and riding (Own Horse) $50

MTC Kids Club leadership and riding $65.00

Every Saturday morning
8.00am-9.00am Beginner

9.20am-10.20am Advanced

2 year to 6 year beginner lead line on small horse 30 minutes $35.00



Private 1 hour lesson at MTC $85.00
Discounted Block Packages Available for $75

Gift vouchers available

Using a Mohegan trained horse for a lesson is an additional fee $10.00
2 hour lesson $140.00
Shared lesson - 1 hour $60.00

Float Training minimum fee $200.00 (Travel will need to be applied.)

Horse Training/Re-education per week Inc. Agistment, hay $450.00 (Owner supplies all hard feeds)


Mini horse training $350.00

Spectators $20.00
Educational demonstration with Karen White per person
Minimum of 12 people $50.00



Mohegan’s life of the party is Rebel & Merlin
Pony parties, TV commercials, special occasions, fundraiser
$200.00 per hour (Travel is additional)



 Mohegan Workshops

  • Motivation Monday
    In hand horsemanship, plaiting and braiding, trail fun course, Equine ball to cool down
  • Liberty Wednesdays
    Learn true unity and authentic connection at liberty with your horse
  • Training on the Trail Thursdays
    10am-1pm $50.00 - Venue change and posted Facebook
  • Thank goodness it’s Friday!
    “Healing with Horses” workshop - Designed for Men & Women, the nervous rider and those getting back in the saddle after personal trauma, illness, bereavement, divorce, depression.
    Special guests, spiritual awakening, Reiki, card reading.
  • Mohegan Anything Goes Sundays
    Karen White works on anything your horse maybe having difficulty with $70.00


Additional Workshops & Clinics

  • Getting Back In the Saddle
  • Confidence Camps & workshops
  • The Emotional Horse & Rider
  • Green Horse & Rider

Performance training & re-education any discipline
• Dressage • Hacking • Western • Hunter • Trail
Re-education Bootcamp for horses and rehabilitation

Purchasing the right horse for you
The importance of matching the correct horse personality up for a SUCCESSFUL

Preparing for your first in hand and ridden show or outing
English or Western disciplines

Bringing Up Baby

  • Foal handling
  • Halter training, weanling/yearlings, any age for the show ring and good foundations for their future

Round Pen Reasoning

  • Developing the horse’s attention/direction/speed
  • Learning to READ your horse’s body language
  • Teach the excitable and nervous horse calm down techniques & cues for the rider to apply safely on the ground, transferring to the saddle with confidence and clarity

Assertive leadership
Obstacles and trail course to test your skills - Solving ground problems – boundaries for your horse and assertive leadership skills for the human

A-Z Comprehensive Float Training & Ground Work
Programme. Safety with success! Read Testimonies.


Clinics & Workshop Pricing
Most workshops are 1.5 hours $ 70.00
Summer 9.00am
Winter 10.00am
Clinics are 9am-4pm Per rider per day;

Henley Brook Venue fee $200.00
Brookleigh or your own venue can be booked for ARC, pony club, youth groups,
fund raiser, special events based on numbers.  View package forms.



Weekend Confidence Camp Outs
Be heard by the herd


Horses carry a profound spirituality and wisdom, and the challenge to connect with it is ours alone. The means to open ourselves to it lies within us all. 

It is a personal choice for each one of us. The horses are waiting to share.


With Karen’s intuitive guidance, her step by step system is easy to follow and understand.  Imagine how rewarding it would be to train and develop a deeper understanding of your favourite Equine.  Karen will show you how to deal with common behavioural problems, to recognise problem areas before they become a learnt pattern and bad behaviours, establishing techniques and cues so that you can have maximum control, creating trust & respect, forming a partnership that you never thought possible.


Karen will show you with calm clarity the equine language enabling you to reach your desired goals. Whether your interests are being an animal communicator, trail riding or performance training, your horse will offer you more when you have the power of knowledge, empathy to show him a kind, safe and natural way to be the leader they need.

Break down the barrier and let the partnership begin!


Contact Karen White via email, text or phone after 7pm to discuss your training requirements.


I am excited and proud to introduce to our Mohegan team of healing – Tania P. 

Tania started upon her Spiritual journey in her early 40s which wasn’t something Tania chose but she was the gifted chosen one.


Tania says, ‘I started seeing spirits and having definite spiritual experiences. This led me on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual discovery, reading, meditating and spending time in nature and other like-minded people and spending time with animals. I know that my purpose in this life is to help others heal and to reconnect with their true Devine nature and to their creator”


At Mohegan we have introduced Tania’s MEDITATION class prior to riding every Friday at 9.30am. Enjoy a relaxing guided meditation before you’re riding session, it will help you connect with your horse on a spiritual level. - Becoming as ONE. It will help you connect you with your authentic self! All you need to bring with you is a willingness to let go and breathe.


For Friday “healing with Horses “bookings please Email karen@karenwhite.com.au or mohegan@gmail.com Phone after 7pm – 0419 984 367

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Kelsey & Apollo

I was having issues with my 5month old rescue colt Apollo when I first contacted Karen. I have horses but had never dealt with a foal. He was getting aggressive at feed time and was also getting more difficult to catch. I was not only concerned for my own safety but my children’s, I was in way over my head.


When I first contacted Karen I asked if she could come to my place to show me how to deal with Apollo. Karen offered to take Apollo for a week of training as it was a cheaper alternative. At this point I realised Karen was different to other horse trainers I had dealt with in the past, as it wasn’t all about the money and her calming, understanding and positive nature put me at ease instantly. Karen also offered to pick Apollo up for free and return him as I didn’t have a float.


On top of this Karen also offered to take him to the vets, while he was in her care, so he could have his fetlock examined, as this was the reason he was going to be slaughtered and I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing in regards to his future. I met Karen at the vets and thankfully all went well. Karen offered to keep Apollo on for further training, all future training and fundraise for him, all free of charge. After fighting to rescue Apollo Karen restored my faith in the horse world and humanity. Two months on and Apollo is still with Karen, who is doing an AMAZING job with him. I can’t thank Karen enough.


Karen has a heart of gold and I am now privileged to call her mine and Apollos friend.    

Lexy Lu

My name is Lexy.

15 years ago I was forced to rehome my horses and move to the city to take over the family business. In 2011 I decided to re-ignite my dream of owning Paints and learning the ins and outs of breeding, showing, handling and horsemanship. I was forever taking bits and pieces of skills from several different sources and steering my way through with sheer determination and a little bit of luck. It was great when I was winning at a show or did something on my own – the success was an addiction. 

The truth was, I constantly felt that I was lacking direction, focus courage. The worst part, I felt my horses were not getting - or going to get - the best out of life because of my lack of education to further their training and to give them a life under saddle.

I found Karen through her website. I picked up the phone and after having our first conversation I felt the drive in me light up! I looked up at the ladder and the rungs were not broken anymore. Karen came out for a consult with my 2 yr old colt and gave me the confidence to stand up for myself – not just with him, but with everything I was dealing with in life.

I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and Karen has helped me climb that ladder and been there for me every step of the way. I now have a safe and supportive place to train, gain confidence and learn new skills. Karen breaks things down for me so I understand what I am doing and can apply the fundamentals in my every day training. The horses love the exposure to new things with clinics, all the different animals and also out training on the trail. I’ve been taught the skills to help them through the tough situations and to trust in me.

Lastly, making new friends. The people I meet through Mohegan Training and Healing centre have always been supportive, non judgemental and always there to lend a hand. Whether it is with the horses or a kind ear to listen.

Thankyou Karen, I have learnt more in 3 weeks training at your centre, that I have in 3 years.

 I look forward to many happy years training at your centre.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. I immediately felt safe as soon as I drove in. Everyone has such a beautiful energy and it was so comforting knowing I was able to just be. It's been a long time since I have felt that "safe" feeling I forgot what it was like. Sitting and just being on Awesome felt so peaceful, it's like I felt at home. I went for a long walk when I got home and thought about everything you had said. It's like everything I have ever learnt or done has been blocked out and I doubted myself. I need to trust and be confident in myself.

Elliot really taught me tonight that I need to be the leader and its ok to be assertive and to do that I need to be present, confident and not second guessing myself. I feel like I got more out of this afternoon than I have over the last 4 months of intensive therapy. I'm so ready for this new chapter and I feel very blessed to have you part of it



Dee Harley

I have been going to Karen Whites - Mohegan Equestrian and Healing Centre for the last year and couldn't recommend her enough to people.

After having a long break from riding due to family - I purchased Harley and started looking for a trainer and thankfully I came across Karen- she is an absolute gem! Not only a great help with getting me riding again but looking forward to what I can achieve in the future and how to have fun and really enjoy a connection with Harley.

Karen always has something different happening at every lesson for all horses and riders level - it can be a little bit daunting but Karen has a natural way of tapping into your inner strength you didn’t know you had or just suppressed due to losing confidence/ falls or for any number of reasons.
Karen White is the most natural horse women and can help with any issue - in any discipline that you may be having with your Equine friend. I can guarantee you will leave your lesson laughing, feeling more confident and achieving something you probably wouldn't even try elsewhere.


I would like to thank you Karen White for all your help over the last year xx

Sasha Rose

I first came across Karen when I was about 10 years old. I lacked a lot of confidence not only in the saddle, but around horses in general. I loved horses dearly and wanted to overcome my issue.

Karen taught me how to ride and beat my fear on her beautiful mare, Sunny.


When I was ready, she helped my family and I get my first pony, Holly. Teaching not only myself but my mum how to care and look after our own horse. I eventually got to the point where Karen advised I no longer needed lessons and that I was ready to be on my own with my pony. From there memories were made.


I moved onto a faster mount, Riddy, a Grey Welsh Mountain. I attended Swan Valley Pony club and competed in Games, Hacking, Show jumping and some Cross Country. My confidence went through the roof and my pony and I were unstoppable. Once Riddy retired, I rescued a Standardbred and we ended up competing in Pony Club. Mostly doing hacking and pleasure rides.  Many fond memories were made with these ponies/horses, and none of it would have been possible if it weren’t for Karen.


At 16 I gave up horses for seven years due to work and young adult life. I hoped I would run into Karen again one day.


I was 23 when I decided to get back into horses again, but all my confidence was gone. I had nothing. I was back to square one again and needed help. Thankfully, I came across Karen again.

Karen helped me deal with my nerves and overcome my fear of “what might happen”.  She even helped my find my ideal mount, Spiderman. I purchased Spiderman and we became a team. Spiderman had some trust issues and Karen has helped me and Spider work through this.
Both Spider and I have come so far with Karen. We have now competed in Hacking, Western Pleasure and Reining. We have placed in every class at every show. I did close to no training prep for my reining show due to work commitments. Karen rode Spiderman the day before the show and trained me (and Spider) how to do Pivot’s and Rollbacks. We competed at the show the next day and I came home with a THIRD. Spider felt amazing from Karen’s work. That is simply amazing. In one training session, Karen made a remarkable difference. Karen, I can’t thank you enough.


Karen is one in a million. She has such an amazing touch, not only with horses, but with people as well. She has helped me so much emotionally, and has taught me to become the rider that I dreamed of. Karen’s training methods have been amazing for Spiderman, he has become an amazing mount and his trust gets better day by day.


Thank you Karen for all your hard work, dedication and kindness. There is only one Trainer out there that I trust, and who makes a difference for both horse and rider, Karen White.

Sharyne & Lauryn Alberts

In just one session Karen managed to change our daughters 'self-belief' about her and her horse. It is now just 4 months later and it is just such a pleasure to hear from people how much Lauryn has developed confidence in her riding and in her relationship with her horse. Lauryn has been exposed to so much variety in her training with Karen, giving her a much broader range of experience.


Thank you to both Karen and Jamie.


Karen White of Mohegan & Jamie Dobson helped with training not only my pony, but myself in steps to have my horse loading on the float confidently. Not only did they help with that, but, helped with the overall ground work for that to happen. You are kind and calm Karen, I’m so glad I found out about Mohegan.


Lili and I also had our first show since the float training and she loaded beautifully and was attentive to what I was asking from her. From the overall training, she stood beautifully all day and didn’t start getting pushy or impatient, which led to her being a lot more successful in the ring! :)


Thank you so much,
Courtney O’Keefe & Lily

Rachael Merry

I have always loved animals but was not lucky enough to grow up in a ‘horsey’ home.


After thinking about learning to ride for a long time (15 years) I started lessons. Unfortunately the horse that I was learning on was not a match for me and after a couple of nasty falls my confidence was shaken and I again postponed my dream of learning to ride.

After a couple of months I decided to give it another go and that is when I found Karen. I did not realise just how nervous I had become of sitting on a horse until my first lesson. Karen was wonderful. She really slowed things down for me which was exactly what I needed. She has shown me that riding isn’t just about looking good and going fast on a horse, it is about finding a connection with the horse and working together, and that when you find this “magic happens”.

I now look forward every week to a lesson or workshop with Karen and all the great people that ride at Mohegan. Although I can still get very nervous, I have learnt the techniques to calm myself and my horse so I can push through the nerves and enjoy riding which is what I wanted all along.

For the non horse owner such as myself (oneday!) Karen provides lovely horses to learn on. Being a heavier rider I was told by quite a few places before finding Karen that their horses would not be suitable, this has definitely not been the case at Mohegan. I have ridden a variety of horses there and even developed a favourite, the gorgeous Pebbles. Karen also teaches lessons about all aspects of horse ownership which includes a lot of groundwork which I actually enjoy as much as the riding. I feel that when I do finally buy a horse of my own I will be much better equipped to handle this.

It is hard to put into words all the great things about riding at Mohegan. The atmosphere is definitely a positive one with riders of all levels riding together and encouraging each other to push themselves and their horses under guidance with a massive emphasis on safety.

I would encourage anyone reading this who is wanting to learn to ride to DO IT, life’s too short to not be living your dreams. Thanks for everything Karen and much love to everyone at Mohegan xxx.


Rachael Merry

My journey so far with “Dream Horse” Comet

It all began  February 2015 when I was blessed enough to buy my dream horse. A black 4yr old 17hh Shire X. He is magnificent. But as they say, love is blind! I was lead down that garden path, of believing this horse was everything, so I was told! No, that was not true. And I had yet that to learn!!
Not only had I brought home the horse of my dreams, but a horse with no confidents in himself and his surroundings.
It was upsetting.

This is where I found Karen White. And what a breath of fresh air, thank god lol
I gave Karen a call and told her where I was at with my horse and where he was at and what "we" were after as a team. And my goodness it was so easy to talk to Karen.
Not even a week later after bringing Comet home, we met Karen and she took comet on for 2 weeks training. Comet had huge progress and I got to understand a lot more about him.
And OMG!! That feeling to ride your "dream horse" for the first time is the most amazing feeling ever!

It’s now September, we have had  our ups and downs, as in me,  wanting to sell him. I put it in the too hard basket, as he was spooky and untrusting and I wanted it all now and so on……….
Life was also getting in the way,  having 2 young children and me trying to bring on my other horse which is otttb (which also comes to Karen’s). I was falling into a massive heap feeling overwhelmed. Though all this, Karen has never been more than a phone call away! And thank god.

I really think now Karen has saved a special relationship between me and comet. He has such trust in me and me with him. I have learnt so much about patience and understanding from Comet through Karen’s coaching.

Karen suggested I put him out to chill for a while, for us to bond and really get to know each other.
We still continued  groundwork and had my weekly lessons with both my horses. (But Comet was more fun time/bonding) But today 15/9/15 blew my mind. I had a lesson on comet today after no saddle work for 7weeks and wow,wow,wow!! He was so confident and chilled out today which was totally amazing!! It was wonderful to be riding him again. And I myself was relaxed! (Well towards the end, after Karen beat it out of me to have trust in my horse LOL!!

Karen has taught me a lot as a rider and a leader for my horses, bond and trust plays a huge part in a human and horse relationship. I would be truly lost without her…….. But mainly from day dot she has made me and family feel so relaxed and comfortable that Karen now cannot get rid of us!!


I’m so happy that Karen will be a huge part in my future riding adventures with both my big steeds.


Much love Jaye King - Bullsbrook

Rachel and Jager

I would like to share the story of a horse who needed a home, a home that needed a horse and the gifted woman who has brought us together, forever.

My name is Rachel, I am in my late 20’s and after moving to my first property I was finally able to have a horse again, a privilege I had gone without for more than 10 years. I had been riding since I could remember however I always rode chilled out, easy horses or ponies and enjoyed pleasure rides on my quiet horses, never pushing the envelope and learning more than the basics.

So the time came to start looking for a horse, where do you start and who do you trust, the equine industry can be like a mine field with advice coming from every which way. A friend who volunteered at an RSPCA shelter showed me a photo of this regular looking bay horse who was up for adoption, against the advice from some horsey friends I went to see him and was told I should speak to Karen White, she is a horse trainer who has worked with him. There is a stigma attached to ‘Rescue’ or ‘Damaged’ animals however I thought I would make my own mind up on this horse. I had never met or even heard of Karen, however, from the first phone call I could tell that she was genuine in what she said and I trusted her to tell me straight whether she thought we would be a good match. I decided to give this horse a go, so Jägermeister found himself in a new home. 

Jager was a 10 year old ex-race horse who had been at the RSCPA for over twelve months, I do not know his history for legal reasons however it obviously wasn’t always rosy. Karen worked alongside the RSPCA with the horses that needed help, once they are physically healthy, to assess whether they would be eligible for adoption. Jager lived at Mohegan for over four weeks and underwent intensive training and assessment to see whether he would be a safe riding horse, so Karen knew his strengths and weaknesses and was in a good position to advise on a potential new home.

Karen offered to work with Jager and I, to assist him in finding a forever home and to help me train and learn with him. After our first session at Mohegan together and the first time I had ridden Jager, Karen approached me and said ‘It’s ok, I can see what’s happening, he is showing me what you’re dealing with’. With that I burst into tears. I hadn’t realised that troubles in my past, traumatic events, would affect my horse riding but of course they did, as they affect every part of our lives. Horses are so intuitive to our emotions and energy and Karen can read them so well, it is like a communication path. Throughout my training with Jager I had to learn how to be a strong, assertive leader, otherwise this strong willed horse would walk all over me. This isn’t something that came naturally to me, in fact the thought of standing up to this big powerful animal terrified me, and he knew it.

After more than twelve months of regular training at Mohegan and a lot of work at home, Jager and I are now a dream team. With her expertise and gifts with horses and her compassion for both humans and animals alike, Karen has helped me in more ways than I can mention. I have gained a wealth of knowledge about training horses and understanding their behaviour as well as regained my self-confidence in life and become a far better rider than I ever imagined I would. As for Jager, he is a total super star now. We attended our first beginner’s show recently and won 6 ribbons plus Champion Rescue Horse, he is a relaxed happy horse out on the trials, in the arena and as a part of our little family with his best buddy, Rugar the Dobermann, by his side.

Without Karen, Jager would not have found a home and the life he deserves, I would not have found such an amazing horse and I would not have the privilege of knowing such a gifted and talented woman.


Rachel and Jager

Dr. Rena L. MacFarlane

I strongly recommend Karen White to anyone needing to overcome an emotional obstacle in their journey with their horse. Whether it be a crisis of confidence, a loss of direction or a miscommunication issue, Karen can help you find your way again, just like she did for me.


I have ridden since 1991, actively enjoying showing, eventing, trail riding and dressage with my four horses.


In 2013 I sustained an unexpected spinal injury, resulting in a compression and burst fracture of two vertebrae, as a result of a mishap while mounting one of my horses for a ride. After 2 days in hospital receiving scans and X-rays, I was transferred to a spinal unit for 6 weeks, and then discharged to home care for 12 additional weeks in a Polyjacket. It took me a year to regain sufficient strength in my bones and rebuild my muscles before I was given the ok by the doctors to ride again - but after my wreck and such a long break, both myself and my horse were still shaken and unsure where to start again.


My horse was petrified to have anyone even try to get on him, and I wasn't feeling all that confident getting on myself. I wasn't sure where to even get started, but the answer came in an advertisement for one of Karen's Get Back in the Saddle workshops, which specifically targeted people and horses returning to the saddle after a prolonged absence, a traumatic accident or a crisis of confidence - all three applied to me!


Attending the workshop was a watershed for us - we learned exercises to get back in tune with our horses and ourselves, met some wonderful fellow equestrians, and after some one on one work with Karen, my horse would let someone get on again! From there we have gone on to attend cow horse, working equitation and vaquero horsemanship clinics around the state, and enjoy revisiting Mohegan Training Centre for private lessons and the always exciting 'Anything Goes' clinics.


Karen's approach is multidisciplinary and caters to the individual horsemanship goals of the rider, whether you ride English or Western, prefer cattle work or horse shows or pursue mounted games or even archery, Karen has a spot in her training program that will help you achieve your goals while staying respectful of your chosen discipline and most importantly - your horse.


Dr. Rena L. MacFarlane


Dear Karen, I would like to personally THANK YOU for helping me get back into the saddle after 12 years off riding as you can see below you have helped me achieve results in 7 lessons over 7 weeks. I feel I have gone from being a nervous rider to a competent rider.


My Journey
I wanted to get back into horse riding again after having 12 years out of the saddle during this time I had been handling horses but did not feel confident enough to get into the saddle on a daily basis, Even with my sisters well trained horses at hand that I could have ridden at any time but with the fear of not being able to handle any situation or feelings that may or may not come to hand. I would talk myself out of riding rather than just working through it.

Karen was recommended to me as she provided school mastered horses for lessons and for all levels I took the opportunity and embraced my fears. I walked away feeling on cloud 9 after my lesson I felt so encouraged that I wanted to ride every day. Karen made me feel so welcome I never had any fear about expressing my feelings or concerns.

I was so embarrassed about how bad my riding had got, when I went to Karen’s and explained my issues she allowed me to come while no one was around to build my confidence up now I’m riding in group workshops again…

I could not have come so far without her and I really hope that the other people out there that feel this way read this letter and can see what a great person you are to train with, I can’t THANK YOU enough for everything you have given me.




Videos @ Mohegan









My gorgeous angelic girl suffered Hypothyroidism diagnosed by my beautiful dear friend Maike Dorn.  Maike was Divas vet for most of her life and looked after her impeccably.  When I moved, I was lucky enough to find another amazing vet, Dr Barry, who came highly recommended and knew Maike too so we were extremely grateful that we were in such good hands.




I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that knew how angelic, happy and gentle Miss Diva really was.  She truly loved everyone that met her.  Her most favourite thing was you would say “Kisses” and she would happily slobber all over your face.  Miss you big girl, fly free my angel, fly free xxx


Karen White

Mohegan Equestrian Park


RIP Duncan a True Legend

My very first Appaloosa Stallion 'Cayuse Mighty Duncan ‘ purchased in 1991 from Cayuse Appaloosa's Samantha Mcauliffe Manilla NSW, was put to rest Wednesday 5th February 2014 to meet the rainbow bridge. 


Duncan was a Multi-State Champion ridden and halter horse for many a year and sired successful foals in WA with his progeny still out there succeeding at their ridden careers.


He suffered cushions disease in his later life and it was advised by the vet he was now suffering and the decision had to be made.  Painful day indeed for everyone but in knowing he is at peace is what has to be remembered.  Very difficult to let a loved pet go which I am sure all of you out there reading this now, have experienced. 


Duncan, you were a legend and will remain that way, loved by so many people in Western Australia, so I thank you my boy, staunch, the best leader Awesome Storm your half-brother ever had to follow growing up as a colt, in constant watch over him.  Find your brother Muddy Waters now and watch over us with freedom and strength that is how I want to remember you.  Forever in my heart, forever remembered as a WA champion and friend to so many that had the pleasure of working with you when you career changed to helping people in your senior years.


Karen White

Mohegan Equestrian Park